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What Not to Say During a Presentation

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There are a few phrases that presenters often say when they get up to the podium or the front of the board room, but they should probably keep those words to themselves.

Comments about the projector not working appear unprofessional and show a lack of preparation.

Also, starting by saying how nervous you are may seem like a good idea, because you’re being honest, but in actuality in turns your audience off. Be confident when you speak and people will be more likely to pay attention.

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How to Improve Your Workday Right Now

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Sometimes it can be difficult to break out of a routine. If you’re stuck in a routine, you may wonder how to solve your frustrations and be happier in your job.

Start by smiling more. When you smile more often, you’ll trick your brain into believing you are happier, and you’ll be seen as a more positive person by your co-workers.

Take a moment to clean your desk. Clutter can be a huge distraction, and when you have a clean workplace, you have a clean mind.

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Look for the Right Qualities in New Hires

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It’s difficult to know if someone is the right person for the job through just a 30-minute interview or phone call. The way to judge someone is by their character.

Look for people who have grit. These people don’t let failure get them down. Instead, they find a way to make it happen.

You should also look for people who can work collaboratively. No matter what type of environment you work in, having someone who can work well with others is always a plus.

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How to Keep the Upper Hand at Work

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When you’re in charge of a number of employees, it can be difficult to remain in charge. Try and keep all your work relationships fair and equal with a few tips.

Make money for your company. When you generate revenue, it’s an easy way to get a raise or promotion and show your value as an employee or manager.

Don’t be dependent on your job. Always keep an emergency fund on hand, just in case you have to leave the job suddenly. You might also want to consider having an entrepreneurial plan.

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How to Help a Co-Worker Through a Personal Crisis

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It’s normal to grow close to your co-workers. After all, you do spend 40 hours a week with them. But when a co-worker is going through a personal crisis, it can be difficult to know how exactly to help them without crossing the line.

Let your colleague know you’re there for them. Be approachable, but don’t ask too many questions or pry into their life.

Don’t offer your co-worker advice, unless they specifically ask for it. You want to make them feel comforted, so don’t share your opinions.

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How to Unite Employees Into a Cohesive Team

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Sometimes when you’re working it can feel like you’re going solo, instead of contributing to a team. Take a few simple steps to ensure that your employees feel the bonds of teamwork.

Encourage team members to ask for feedback and share the progress of each project your team is working on.  Make everyone feel involved along the way.

Hold regular meetings to give your employees updates on projects. Have everyone share what they’re working on to expose any opportunities for collaboration.

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How to Convince Your Co-Workers You’re a Morning Person

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Not everyone is a morning person. But just cause you stay up late doesn’t mean you can get out of getting to work early in the morning. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make waking up early easier.

Try using hot and cold hydrotherapy in the shower. Turn your nozzle as cold as it goes and stand under the water for 30 seconds. Then do the same, but turn the nozzle all the way to hot. Then, always end on cold.

Exercise just for 10 minutes. Get the blood flowing with a 10-minute yoga practice or Pilates routine. You’ll feel more refreshed after doing something active.

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Practice Habits That Will Make You Ultraproductive

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It always seems like certain people can get more done in the day than others. It’s not about working harder though; it’s about working smart.

Don’t leave anything for later. If you get an email or phone call, take care of it now and get it done.

Preparation is key. Get things ready for the next day so you aren’t pressed for time and aren’t rushing to get things here.

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How to Use Email to Ask for Help Effectively

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Email is an important part of all of our lives – both personally and professionally. When you send a request through email, you want to make sure it’s being followed.

First, pay attention to the subject line. It’s the first thing the recipient sees, and depending on what it says, they may or may not be likely to open it and read it.

Make sure you include a greeting. Don’t just open with your demands. A personal touch shows a level of genuine interest that many people appreciate.

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