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The Secrets to Negotiating Your Salary

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You’ll almost always get asked what your salary requirements are in an interview. But how do you answer the question to get the amount of money that you want?

Understand what you are worth. Research online to find out what other people with similar backgrounds, skills and experience are making.

When people tell you “no,” look for ways to problem-solve. Try to help out the recruiter or hiring manager by offering ways or reasons they could compensate you more.

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Avoid Feeling Awkward in Your Next Skype Interview

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Video communication is spreading quickly, and recruiters are taking advantage of the trend by offering video and Skype interviews.

Before your interview, test all the technology. Not just the app you’re using, but also your lighting, sound and camera angle.

Be sure to dress to impress, too. Just because you’re not headed into an office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best.

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Use Social Media to Perfect Your Interview Outfit

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What you wear to an interview is very important. The employer forms an impression of you within seconds, so your outfit truly does matter.

By adapting your clothing to the company’s dress code, you’ll show the employer that you are a good fit for the company.

But how do you know what the company’s dress code is? The answer: social media. Stalk the company’s various social media accounts to get an idea of what people typically wear to work.

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How to Impress People in 30 Seconds

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Impressions are formed within seconds. Right away, people will determine whether or not the like. trust and respect you. This means you have a limited window in which to make a good first impression. When you’re interviewing for a job, this is extremely important.

First, take notice of how your immediate signals are being perceived and ensure nothing can be construed as threatening.

Be mindful of others’ personal space. You want to respect people’s boundaries and do everything you can to make them feel comfortable.

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How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

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No matter what the reason is for quitting your job, you want to make sure you make the big announcement without awkwardness and without burning bridges.

First, have a clear plan of action. Start by choosing your last day and compose an official resignation letter. Then, schedule a date and time to break the news to your boss.

Prepare yourself for the “I quit” meeting. There’s no set script, so there’s no way for you to know which direction the conversation will go. Don’t feel guilty or over-explain, and the conversation will go smoothly.

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How to Land Your Dream Job

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Finding that dream job isn’t easy. But with confidence and sincerity, you’ll make it much more likely to land the perfect position.

You should first have a concrete vision of your career goals. Don’t limit yourself to just salary or job title. Know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go.

In the interview, you need to clearly show how your career vision aligns with the position. You want to show the hiring manager that you will be a good fit.

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How to Make Yourself More Likeable

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Not everyone is charismatic and likeable naturally. But by doing a few simple things, you can make more people like you and become happier in the process.

Look for the little things. Make it a point to say something nice to your peers every day. You’ll find yourself paying more attention to the people you work with – as you should!

Ask questions about people’s interests. When you talk to people about their interests, you show that you see them as more than just their jobs.

Offer to do small favors. When you see that people are in need of assistance, ask to help. Don’t wait for them to ask you; volunteer yourself to show initiative.

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How to Answer ‘What’s Your Dream Job?’ in an Interview

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It can be difficult to articulate your ideal job – especially in an interview. You know your interviewer is going to be judging your response, so how do you decide what to say?

Think about your dream job as a combination of your skills, interests and values. Talk about your skills to show what you’re good at. Share your interests to show the big picture. What drew you to the industry initially? Lastly, your values will bring the focus back to the company and how you could make a good fit.

Don’t feel like you need to mention a specific job title. This way, you’ll show your flexibility and you’ll give the recruiter a chance to get to know you better.

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Is it Time to Switch Up Your Networking Strategy?

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There’s no doubt that networking is important. But sometimes you could be networking and networking and still not getting any results. Maybe people are turning down your meeting requests or finding reasons to cut your conversations short.

If you find these things happening to you, you may not be networking the right way. There are certain types of networkers you never want to be.

Don’t over-communicate. You might be excited about making a connection, but too many emails, tweets and phone calls could send your contact over the edge. Play it cool instead.

Be confident, not cocky. While you should put your best foot forward, you shouldn’t bore your contact by only talking about yourself.

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What Not to Say in an Interview

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Whether your interviewer is asking “how would you describe yourself in three words” or “how would your colleagues describe you” or any other variation, you always need to be mindful of the words you’re using. There are some words that you should never use in an interview:


Use instead: Logical, Fast Learner, Quantitative


Use instead: Team Player, Outgoing, Enthusiastic


Use instead: Point out your relevant skills and experience


Use instead: Focused, Detail-Oriented, Dedicated


Use instead: Employ the “show don’t tell” strategy and state only facts

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